Better economic and environmental developments demand a global change.

To answer the challenge of financial market attitudes toward sustainability, Everblue & Green are engineering change by providing dynamic and sustainable solutions - not by reinventing the wheel but by optimising existing systems.

Founded in 2020 in Greece, Everblue & Green are pioneering the harmonisation of renewable energies and digital markets.

Greece has long been a centre for green energy adoption - it already has strong solar energy production, and is now focusing on expanding CO2-free energy production with hydrogen.

At Everblue & Green, we are driven by our vision of a CO2-free Europe and are committed to increasing the acceptance of blockchain into traditional markets, whilst maintaining the emphasis on sustainable and efficient technologies.

Everblue & Green are pioneers in the use of blockchain technology for renewable energy.

The future of finance is changing - traditional funding and investments are adapting to many new technologies, including blockchain and Bitcoin.

With a vision of a CO2-free Europe, Everblue & Green remains at the forefront of this evolution, by increasing the acceptance of blockchain into the traditional markets and driving the emphasis on sustainable, green and efficient technologies.

Our Values

Sustainable investing is at the heart of every decision we make, preserving the planet’s precious resources for the next generation.
We look to establish long-term relationships with trustworthy business partners who share our vision of the future.
Reliability is our key asset; we demand more from ourselves than anyone else ever will.
Our focus is on generating the results required, whilst always maintaining our ethics and high standards at all times.
Highly Skilled Team
Our experienced team has an extensive track record in consulting, management and sustainable investment.
We deliver consistent results out of inconsistent markets, by meeting challenges with innovative, inspired solutions.


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