Positioning Strategies

Founded in 2020 in Greece, Everblue & Green are pioneering the harmonisation of renewable energies and the digital markets. We are governed by our vision of a CO2-free Europe and are committed to increasing the acceptance of blockchain into traditional markets, whilst maintaining the emphasis on sustainable and efficient technologies.

Athena Nodes

Blockchain validation process & security data intergrity
At Athena Nodes, we are committed to excellence and innovation. We understand that blockchain technology is rapidly evolving, and we are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve.

Renewable energy

Everblue & Green successfully participates in energy projects using blockchain technology.
Our focus is firmly on renewable energy and renewable-based technologies. Many factors influence the sustainability and environmental impact of Blockchain ecosystems – although energy consumption is important, it is also necessary to look at the combination of sources that generate that energy.

Bitcoin Mining

Historically, Bitcoin investors have been able to profit from fast-moving growth within short time frames. But what of the future? We believe the stage is now set for the next digital evolution - payment services.
The acceptance and uses of blockchain technology are growing steadily - and not just in finance. Bitcoin is now accepted as payment by many global players and multinationals - and that number grows daily.
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